International Competition
“Giovani talenti per la lirica”
Ettore Campogalliani Adward

First edition 2018


Singers of any nationality born from 1983 onwards
may participate in the Competition


30 APRIL 2018




The Cultural Association “L’Orfeo” promotes the first edition of this International competition “Youn Talents for Opera – Ettore Campogalliani Award”. The rules are follows:



Article 1 -  Modality of particepation

To participate in this competition singers can be of any nationality born from 1983 onwards.
The competition is open to all vocalists: sopranos, mezzosoprano, contralto, tenor, baritone, bass, sopranista, contraltista, countertenor.

Any underage partecipants must be accompanied by a parent or by an adult who has the delegation of a parent, with an id and copy of the delegating parent, penality is the exclusion of the competition.

Art. 2 - Presentation of application

The application must be filled in using the form and no later than 30 april 2018

- must be sent via mail to the following electronic mail address:


- arrive by registered mail (the postmark will attest) to the following postal address:
Concorso Lirico Giovani Talenti - Presso Angelo Manzotti
Via Unione Europea 21 - 46045 Marmirolo (Mantova)

The application must be completed with the following documents:

a) curriculum of studies achieved

b) receipt of a deposit of euros 60,00 (sixty) to be payed by bank transfer paid to:
Associazione Culturale L’Orfeo  - 
IBAN  IT 06 R 01030 57710 0000 10413045
(if necessary:
SWIFT/BIC: pascitm1050)
payment description: registration Concorso Lirico 2018

c) file audio video for the eliminatory phase (see article 4)

d) 2 photographs in passport size

Among the 5 presented opera songs, at least 3 of these must be in italian. The air must be carried out by memory, in the tonality and original language, complete, where necessary, recitative and cabaletta.

The competitors who want to partecipate also in the Baroque vocalist Awards, amongst the 5 arias they should choose two by Monteverdi, Porpora, Händel or Vivaldi.

> Competitors who want to participate ALSO in the Vocalità Barocca Award, among the five arias they will have to choose two of Monteverdi, Porpora, Händel or Vivaldi (free repertoire: opera, oratorios, cantatas, ...)

> Competitors who want to participate ONLY in the Vocalità Barocca Award will have to choose all five arias chosen from pieces by Monteverdi, Porpora, Handel or Vivaldi (free repertoire: opera, oratorios, cantatas, ...)

e) The winners of the first and second prize in the international competition partecipated not before 2016  can attach a copy of the original certificate demonstrating the victory to be admitted directly to the semifinals.
The organization of the competition has the right to verify the authenticity of the certificates and the truthfullness of the declarations.
If Candidates  are found not to possess the necessary requirements, candidates will lose every right of the competition and compensation.

Art.3 - Jury

The Jury will be composed of experts chosen from Singers, Singing teachers, artistic Directors, Directors and Musical critics.
The components of the Examining Board will refrain from voting competitors who are known to them or are related or have had a teaching relationship. Each member of the Board will issue a statement declaring their relationship with the candidate.  In that moment the president of the board will intervene.

Art.4 - Auditions

The competition is articulated in three phases

Eliminatory phase (send audiovideo file)

The participant no later than 30 April 2018 should send to the electronic mail address FILEAUDIOVIDEO (mp3 format) or LINK YOUTUBE containing the performance of TWO arias, chosen from those indicated when applying for the participation of the competition; at least one aria must be in Italian. Registrations can be amateur.

> Competitors who ALSO want to participate in the Baroque Vocalist Award, of the two arias, one must be sent by Monteverdi, Porpora, Händelor Vivaldi (free repertoire: opera, oratorios, cantatas, ...)

> Competitors who want to partecipate ONLY in the Baroque Vocalist Award must send 2 arias chosen from Monteverdi, Porpora, Händelor Vivaldi (free repertoire: opera, oratorios, cantatas, ...)

A special commission will visualize all the sent files and create a list; on the basis of this, competitors will be selected and admitted to the semifinals.

The list  of the competitors admitted to the sucessive semifinal phase will be published on the web page of the competition (


Bibiena Theatre, Mantova - Friday 25 May 2018

The competitor will carry out two pieces, one of his/her choice(escluding those sent for the eliminating phase) and one requested by the jury.
It is requested the performance by memory.
The competitors must bring with them two photocopies of their chosen arias.
The jury can interrupt the candidate at any moment.
The jury will create a list on the basis of which the competitors admitted to the Final round will be selected.
The order of the exibition of the semi-final will be decided by the jury.


Bibiena Theatre, Mantova - Saturday 26 May 2018 - concert open to the public

The competitor must carry out two pieces chosen by the jury.
The jury will create a list of the winners of the competition.

Art. 5 - Prizes

First Prize “Ettore Campogalliani”        €  1.000,00
Second Prize        €     700,00
Third Prize  
donated by Mailboxes Etc – MN
 €     500,00
Baroque Vocalist Prize
To the best performer of pieces by Monteverdi, Porpora, Händel o Vivaldi
 €     300,00
Audience Award
To the most voted finalist from the audience
 €     200,00

Prizes “Parma Lirica”
> Concert donated by the Association “Parma Lirica”

            > Admission to the Finals of the Competition “Voice of an Angel”, Edition 2018

               for two Italian singers (maximum age 28 years old)

All the finalists will receive a Diploma.

Money prizes will be given to the winners on the occasion of the concert that will take place on 30 June at the Palazzina di Caccia dei Gonzaga in Bosco Fontana (Marmirolo, Mantova); the winners are obliged to partecipate in the concert under penalty of losing the prize in money.
The Artistic Direction of the Competition reserves the right to organize one or more concerts with the winners and finalists of the competition. In this case a reimbursement of expenses will be offered to the singers.

Art.6 - Piano accompanist

A pianist will be at disposal for the partecipants.  Each partecipant can at their own expense be accompanied by a pianist of their choice.

Art.7 - Reimbursement of expenses

No reimbursement of expenses for travel and / or permanence will be given to competitors

Art.8 - Final normatives

It will be the choice of the Artistic Direction of the Competition to accept eventual late subscriptions, for specific reasons,  as long as the first eliminatory phase hasn’t been terminated.
The jury have the right not to assign all the prizes or to divide equally the prizes in case of an ex.aequo classification.
All the phases of the competition may be registered, reproduced, filmed in audio and video and transmitted without the partecipants having any say on it.
The competitors of the competition are personally responsable for their physical or moral integrity during their stay and travel. The organization do not assume any responsability for any eventual physical or moral damage regarding possessions or persons on behalf of the  competitors.
Information supplied on subscription will be used by the administration of the competition exclusively to send  relative information to the Association “L’Orfeo”.
The application form implicates the whole  and unconditional acceptance of the normative present regulation.
The text of every controversy must be written in Italian.  Jurisdiction the Courthouse of Mantova.